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Your outings in Dinan

Lots of restaurants and bars, with a lively nightlife, Dinan is a city where it is a pleasure to walk. Day and night it feels safe.

Around the apartment, located in Dinan, you will find lots of addresses.

I put some for you. But we are lucky to have some very good addresses of culinary choices, you had to make your own on your next visit.

The Restaurant Les 3 Lunes is an essential,refined and elegant address in Dinan for food lovers!

Above all, we come to the restaurant Les 3 Lunes to “have fun” by tasting the latest proposals from Chef Thierry TEFFAINE and his team.
A garden welcomes you during the summer days.

 To have fun and amaze your taste buds.

Les 3 lunes

100 m (328,1 ft) from the Ker BRUNAT apartment.

Le Comptoir, a good address for gourmets at a low price

 A cute little restaurant with original decoration. It is cozy and the quality of the food is excellent. The low prices do not spoil anything! Recommended.

 80 m (262,5ft) of the Ker BRUNAT apartment.

Crêperie Ahna, the unmissable

 Since the opening of this restaurant more than 15 years ago, it has been acclaimed and has quickly become the reference of the premises. Come and taste the crêpes and galettes!

 150 m (492,1 ft) of the Ker BRUNAT apartment.

The Atypic, for carnivores

The skewers are very popular and rarely do the hungry belly after leaving  this restaurant with an empty stomach.. Even if meat eaters are sure to find what they are looking for, à la carte

Skewers of fish and prawns are delicious.

 150 m (492,1 ft) from the Ker BRUNAT apartment (In front of the Ahna crêperie).

Pub Le St Sauveur, Place Saint Sauveur

 On the magnificent Place St Sauveur, in front of the church which contains the heart of the Chevalier Du Gueslin, stands the ‘St Sau’. There is a pub vibe with its large open fireplace and Irish style.

 We might meet each other there …

Le St Sauveur

350 m (1148,3 ft) of the Ker BRUNAT apartment.

Rue de la Soif (Cordonnerie street)

 Dinan is a city that is lively in the evening with the youth inclined to end up in a street where there is a bar… Many concerts are organized there with very different styles.

 Sherlock Holmes, the Code, the sow running, the Hapar …

 100 m (328,1 ft) of the Ker BRUNAT apartment.

Bowling – Billiards – Trampoline

10 bowling lanes, 6 pool table and 400 m²(4,305.6 sq ft) dedicated to the trampoline (opening in January 2021) will allow you to spend pleasant moments with family or friends after a day at the beach or something else fun…

Dinan Bowling   8 rue de la Tramotane TADEN-DINAN     02 96 85 13 08

1,8 km (1.118 miles) of the Ker BRUNAT apartment.



Le Cube, Bar/nighclub

Outside the city walls, not far from the bowling, end your evening at the Cube. Atmosphere guarantee.

Shuttle options from the city.

Lounge club

Open Friday and Saturday, eve of public holidays, from 10:30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m.

Info-reservation: 06 50 96 16 37

 2 km (1,24 miles) of the Ker BRUNAT apartment.



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