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Dinan is a strategic place for those who want to visit the north coast of Brittany. Located on the highway, you can go for a ride from Mt St Michel to the pink granite coast while enjoying the sea and the land, the beach and the ramparts and above all the generosity and the Bretons smiles.

St Malo

Capital of the sea, Saint-Malo has been since time immemorial the city of sailors and great sailors with a desire for conquest and adventure. Yesterday, Jacques Cartier, Duguay-Trouin and Surcouf browsed the seas and continents in search of probable fortunes. They passed later relayed to the crews of the Terre-Neuvas, those famous fishing vessels that left for long campaigns in the North Sea. Today, their heirs, who have become talented skippers, perpetuate his great tradition of the sea and embark on such famous sporting challenges than the Route du Rhum and the Transat Québec / Saint-Malo.

 Built on a coastal rock, the city of Saint-Malo still seems to challenge the sea with its rich houses shipowners overlooking the walled city. Offering a splendid panorama on the landscape sailor and the horizon of the Channel Islands, the tour of the ramparts is a very popular walk.


Who does not know Dinard and its «Belle Epoque» villas? On the Emerald Coast, the resort has remained a place full of charm and always chic from where it is pleasant to contemplate the Rance and Saint-Malo. Unless you prefer the charm of the seaside resorts of Saint-Lunaire, Saint-Briac and Lancieux nearby.


The bay of Mont-Saint-Michel is the scene of the highest tides in continental Europe. Come at the high tides and admire the spectacle offered by nature! Some days of  the year are better for observing this phenomenon. As soon as the tidal coefficient exceeds 110, the Mount becomes an island again for a  few hours. The water has just covered the submersible ford.

The rock is then closes from all accesses.



This pretty port can be appreciated  as much by your eyes as by your palate. Elected remarkable site of taste, Cancale has long been renowned for its oysters and shellfish. Indisputable asset, these delicacies can be appreciated while admiring the wonder that is Mont Saint-Michel, set in the middle of the bay.


It is neither a mirage, nor a fortified dike. It’s a geological curiosity, a spectacular exception of nature that gives you an opportunity to walk near the water and preserved flora. This legendary place is also a fisherman’s paradise.


From the Pointe de l’Arcouest, Bréhat already announces the color: it is the tawny ocher of its rocks of pink granite. After ten minutes of crossing, it is on an archipelago punctuated by the tides that we experience. Here the luminous  contrasts are particularly eloquent. Throughout the year, we witness the spectacle of nature in bloom: A real palette of colors. We also find on the island of many exotic species brought back from their expeditions by the Breton sailors: passiflores, jasmine, palm trees, fig trees… and even agaves.

By walk, by bike or on a wagon towed by a tractor, we wander through the alleys narrow streets of Bréhat to discover its small houses with small walled gardens. We leave the South Island, sweet and flowery, by taking the Pont ar Prat to reach the North Island, green and wild. There, the Blanche Tour which is use as a daymark for navigators, the semaphore and lighthouses of Rosédo and Pointe du Paon stand against the turquoise water. A total change of scenery, like a trip through the tropics on the shore near Paimpol …


The pink granite coast represents this long coastal strip of the English Channel located north of the Brittany. Over ten kilometers, from Trébeurden, west to Perros-Guirec in the east, the coast of pink granite is recognizable among a thousand.

 Here, granite blocks are everywhere. Different size and shape, they dot the entire coastline. Sculpted by the sea and the wind for millions of years, these blocks have taken the most improbable. Thus, you will come across at random during your walks on the pink granite coast: a hippopotamus, a whale’s head, a turtle, a hare, a corkscrew, a bunch of pancakes or even a painter’s palette… It all depends on your imagination!


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Book a massage, an aquatonic course at the thalosso in St Malo or Dinard. You can also find some SPA centers near the Ker BRUNAT apartment.

Ask us for advices.


Dinard golf course, facing the sea, is a real institution with its 18 holes. This course is neither long, not tiring. So it may sound easy, but the final score reminds you of the reality. Because if it isn’t difficult, it is delicate: sandy soil, undulating fairways, small, raised and very fast, many bunkers, very few trees, but lots of broom and gorse. Dinard is also windy! By bicycle, it is almost always in front or in profile and it is much more difficult.


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